the making of "Changing Tide"


Over 500 people came out to see the light and dance performances on opening night. This video was aired on KCRT.

Seven Sculptures


The form is inspired by eelgrass, the most important foundation species for crustaceans and fish. Richmond, with its 32-miles of shoreline, has the largest and healthiest eelgrass meadows in the San Francisco Bay. However, coastal development threatens these critical eelgrass. Like eelgrass, each sculpture captures energy from the sun. Solar panels charge lithium batteries to power the lights at night. “Changing Tide” illuminates a rising awareness of the value of our natural environment.  



The artists' were inspired to add  interactive components after attending Burning Man. They hope to add light shows, open source programming, motion sensors and interior sound speakers to interact with the lights. A motion and sound stage can be a source of creativity for all. As more lighting programs are added to the sculpture, it will reveal new meanings.

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Richmond artists donated their time to create this sculpture with funding for materials made possible by the City of Richmond Public Art Program. With your help, we can fund light shows, an open source website for students to learn how to program their own light shows, add motion sensors and speakers, and create a free world-class outdoor stage of lights, dance and music for kids of all ages.


Oct. 5, 2019

Art Opening Night

1453 S. Harbor Way South Richmond, CA 94804

Event Details

Oct. 5, 2019

Art Opening Night

Over 500 people came out to watch the dance and light show.

1453 S. Harbor Way South Richmond, CA 94804

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Your generous gift  will help us fund an interactive community stage. Funding will add  light shows, motion sensors, sound speakers and a website for open source programming that students can use to create their own dance, music and light shows. It will create a destination on the waterfront for wholesome play and creativity. Together, we can make a difference in Richmond.

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